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Dow Corning 3-6548 Firestop Foam

Product Code: 3-6548
Size: 600ml

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Size: 40Ltr kit
Quantity in stock: 1

Model: 3-6548


Dow Corning® 3-6548 Silicone RTV Foam is a medium-density, two-part product supplied as A and B liquid components.
The A component is black and the B component is off-white for easy identification and inspection of mix.
When the A and B components are thoroughly mixed in a 1:1 ratio by either weight or volume, the product will expand and cure to a foamed elastomer at room temperature.
A mild exotherm is exhibited during the curing reaction. 
Note: Various silicone foams have different fire resistance properties.
The use of the generic term “silicone foam” should be avoided when referencing this product or this data.
This test data pertains to this product by its specific name and number designation (Dow Corning 3-6548 Silicone RTV Foam).

Dow Corning 3-6548

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