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Fuelstat Test Kit Diesel Market

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There are a number of different types of microorganisms that can grow in certain types of fuel. The biggest problem is presented by a filamentous fungus called Hormoconis resinae, (H Res).  Previously called Cladosporium resinae, and more commonly referred to as “the diesel bug”. H Res is a fungus that thrives in diesel fuel. It requires only a minimal amount of water content in the fuel to grow and will cause filter blockages, component failure and tank corrosion if left unchecked. Bacteria and other types of fungi, particularly some yeasts can also cause problems in fuel tanks, usually acting as a consortium. The objective of this test is to provide rapid screening of fuel samples (water in fuel or fuel), giving a quick and accurate assessment of H Res, bacteria & other fungi including yeasts in the fuel tank. This test is unlike current growth-based tests which require a minimum of 72 hours to provide any results. The test measures the amount of active growth in the sample and provides actions and alert levels.
The FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS DIESEL test measures the amount of different types of contamination: H Res, bacteria and fungi actively growing in the sample and reports that as the weight of material in the sample. This is a newer, more accurate measurement system than the old Colony Forming Unit (CFU) count. The test provides results based on a traffic light scenario: •  Negligible  (green) – negligible contamination •  Low Positive (amber) – moderate contamination •  High Positive (red) – heavy contamination


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