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Wencon Repair Kit

Type : Kit 1
Quantity in stock: 1

Type : Kit 2
Quantity in stock: 10

Type : Kit 3
Quantity in stock: 1

Type : Kit 4
Quantity in stock: 1

Type : Tanker Kit
Quantity in stock: 1



Wencon standard Repair Kits are available in four different sizes, depending on age and size of the vessel. Besides the contents of the Repair Kit can be customised – to fulfil your precise requirements.
The Repair Kit covers most aspects of emergency repairs and long lasting maintenance and is suitable for vessels, where repair and maintenance are carried out frequently.
The Kit contains a Repair Manual, which is also available for free download from our web page, in different languages. The Manual contains product sheets, application datasheets for several repair jobs, technical information and instruction for use, as well as detailed information about surface preparation. The Manual support you fully with repairs, planned maintenance and improvements on board the vessel.
The Wencon Repair Kit is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage on board.

Kit                                                           IMPA        /       ISSA

No. 8700 Wencon Repair kit No. 1      812341 75.553.70
No. 8704 Wencon Repair kit No. 2      812331 75.553.71
No. 8708 Wencon Repair kit No. 3      812332 75.553.72
No. 8712 Wencon Repair kit No. 4      812333 75.553.73
No. 8710 Wencon Tanker Kit               812326 N/A





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