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Product by Swagelok

PTFE-Free Pipe Thread Sealant 1.69 fl oz 50 cm3 Tube

Product Code: MS-TFS-50
Stock quantity: 9

Model: MS-TFS-50

Seals immediately
Lubricates threads, preventing costly thread damage from galling and seizing during assembly
Allows low breakaway torque for easy-to-break connections
Is compatible with a wide range of chemicals
Clings to threads and will not shred or tear on assembly
Composition: Particles of polyolefin resin and filler in a polymeric plasticizer. Material has lubricating qualities.
Pressure rating: Effective with pipe or fitting working pressure up to 10 000 psig (689 bar) at room temperature
Temperature rating: –65 to 300°F (–53 to 148°C)
Flash point: 355°F (179°C)
Storage: Shelf life is up to 5 years when stored at 45 to 85°F (8 to 29°C
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