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3M Scotchkote Thinners PU71

Product Code: 3MSCOTCHPU71
Size: 5ltr

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Size: 25 Ltr

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Model: PU71


Scotchkote Thinners PU71 is part of an extensive range of thinners and cleaners for use with the 3M Scotchkote Coatings range.


Scotchkote Thinners PU71 is best used for thinning solvent based products from the 3M range. It is also suitable for use as a cleaner for solvent based paint.

Surface and Environment

Scotchkote Thinners PU71 is for use with solvent based paints and coatings that are for industrial environments.


Scotchkote Thinners PU71 can be utlised by mixing with suitable paints and coatings, at a rate that is usually between 5% and 10%. This will produce a better flow rate for the paint or coating, during the application process. Please see the appropriate paint or coating data sheet for more information on the correct amounts.


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