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Krytox® Oils and Greases offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional, yet cost-effective solutions to your most difficult problems. Compared to other lubricants, only Krytox oils and greases combine high-temperature performance, non-flammability, and chemical inertness under a variety of conditions. Krytox oils and greases increase the service life of critical components, allowing equipment manufacturers to extend warranties, and manufacturing plants to reduce costly maintenance and improve productivity due to component failure.
Krytox® Oils and Greases are exceptional lubricants that provide superior protection and load-carrying ability under the most severe conditions. They are especially suited for use in 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen services. Krytox oils and greases are effective at temperatures as hot as 750°F (399°C) and as cold as -60°F (-51°C). From the aggressive world of chemical processing, to the high temperatures in state-of-the art automotive applications, to the critical tolerances of aerospace mil specs, Krytox oils and greases are becoming the lubricants of choice worldwide.



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