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3M Scotch-Weld Preformed Sealant Strip 5313

Product Code: 3M5313
Size: 2mm x 20mm x 10M
Quantity in stock: 10
Minimum order: 10

Size: 2mm x 50mm x 25M

We do not currently have Size: 2mm x 50mm x 25M in stock however it can still be ordered.
Please note that the lead time is likely to be longer than usual.

Minimum order: 4

Size: 3mm x 12mm x 10M
Quantity in stock: 12
Minimum order: 12

Size: 6mm Dia x 5M
Quantity in stock: 15
Minimum order: 15

Model: 5313


Scotch-Seal™ 5313 Pre-formed Rubber Sealant Tape is a tacky solid extrusion based on a synthetic rubber. High adhesive strength – sufficient to cause cohesive failure of the sealer before loss of adhesion to the substrate, when pulled with tension. The sealer is a non-curing type and retains the same properties and consistency after ageing in several different environments, including weathering.

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