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FUELSTAT® Test Kits – For the fast, accurate and onsite detection of microbial contamination in Diesel, Biodiesel and Aviation Fuels. Onsite testing, with no additional equipment, that detects all relevant microbes (bugs), including Hormoconis resinae – commonly known as the “Diesel Bug or Jet Fuel Fungus”. The FUELSTAT® brand is made up of 2 different on site fuel testing kits. 1 fuel tests for the aviation market and 1 for the diesel market.
FUELSTAT® technology provides rapid screening of fuel samples (water in fuel or fuel), giving a quick and accurate assessment of microbiological contamination and shows whether you have low or high levels of contamination in aviation and diesel fuels. Most importantly it gives results within 10 minutes unlike current growth-based tests which require a minimum of 72 hours to provide any results. Fuel testing kits currently available which involve total microbial counts simply tell us that there are micro organisms present in the fuel and that they are alive. Conidia Bioscience’s FUELSTAT® resinae diagnostic test goes beyond this. Because it detects only active H. res., bacteria and fungi. It tells us not only that the fungus is present and alive but also that it is growing and, therefore, the potential for damage is real.
Relied upon in the Aviation Industry for over 10 years and now used by more than 330 international and regional airlines “Tried, Tested and Effective”. Now developed for commercial use in the Marine, Land Diesel and Biodiesel Industries!
FUELSTAT® test measures the amount of different types of contamination: H Res, bacteria and fungi actively growing in the sample and reports that as the weight of material in the sample. This is a newer, more accurate measurement system than the old Colony Forming Unit (CFU) count and provides actions and alert levels. The test provides results based on a traffic light scenario: • Negligible (green) – negligible contamination • Low Positive (amber) – moderate contamination • High Positive (red) – heavy contamination
Quick, accurate and easy to use, with simple self interpretation. RESULTS WITHIN 10 MINUTES!!! Enables real time decisions to be made and any required actions to be undertaken immediately!



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